After today’s double-header, the Yankees have to win tomorrow, and have Tampa Bay lose, in order to win the division.  I don’t think that’s going to happen.  I know we’re already in the playoffs.  But, it seems like they’re struggling, and home field would be helpful.

I know Philly has the best winning percentage in baseball, but I wouldn’t say they had the best record.  Philly has 97 wins and the Yankees have 95.  Philly plays in a division with only one other good team, and I still think the NL is weaker.  The Yankees play in the AL East, where Tampa has 95 wins, Boston has 88 and Toronto has 84.  The Yankees play each of those teams like 20-25 times each.  They all beat each other up all year.  The Yankees are slumping now, but they’re in a nasty part of their schedule.  They’ve been through hell, and they still have a great record.   So, I’ll say that the Phillies had the highest record in baseball, but I think the Yankees and Tampa have better records.