This article says Stephen Colbert’s congressional testimony about migrant farm workers was “excruciatingly inappropriate.”  The author says irony has been “metastasizing” for decades.  I’m pretty sure that’s a horrible analogy, and that irony was invented by the ancient Greeks a couple years before Seinfeld.

Doesn’t this guy realize that everybody in politics makes fun of their opponents, obscures any legitimate positions of their opponents, and simplifies all the issues when they talk to voters?  And they all do it out of sincere, serious partisanship, without any art to it, anything interesting about it.  Colbert is a funny guy, his comedy is often poignant and he draws more attention than anybody else who testified that day.

Plus, Colbert is a comic.  He’s not elected or paid to produce political outcomes.  He’s paid to make people laugh and advance his character and his show.  He did his job.  Everybody knew what was going to happen when we brought in Colbert.  So, if it’s inappropriate (and there’s no way it was excruciatingly so), blame Congress.