The thing about this article, Cashman constructed a better team than we’re seeing.  If there weren’t injuries, if Jeter and A-Rod, Grandy and Tex, AJ and Javy played the way they were expected to, we’d be doing even better.  We’d be a lot more than just OBP.  We’d have slugging, speed, pitching, bullpen and Mariano.  We’d be amazing.

We still have a winning record, last I checked, against every team but Tampa.  Playoffs are always a crapshoot, even last year or in 1998.  There’s no getting around that.

Plus, I think some bullpen guys are doing better in the second half.  AJ is doing better lately, and he was a ticking time bomb last year too (he had a bad game against the Angels).  A-Rod and Tex are perking up now.  Jeter probably has a lot to play for.  Pettitte’s rehab seems good.  He’s had some rest, and that helped him last year.