I saw an article on Yahoo about dating rules to avoid.  I never like what these articles say, basically to the point that I usually find what they say interesting out of the sheer force of my opposition.  From today’s article, these are the dating rules we no longer have to follow:

1.  Don’t date co-workers

2.  Don’t date on the rebound

3.  Don’t date a friend’s ex

4.  Only date one person at a time

5.  Wait for the other person to say “I love you” first

6.  Spend all your free time with that person

First of all, who even thinks the last two are rules?  But, the other four are there for a reason.  There are circumstances where it can make sense to break those first four guidelines.  But, one-in-a-million examples make for bad arguments, and I didn’t even think those examples were good decisions.  They just happened to turn out well.

The girl dating a coworker made it sound like she actually worked near or alongside the guy, and admitted it was an additional stress factor until things changed.  The guy dating a friend’s ex never asked the friend for permission, he just waited until it had already started and notified him, hoping it would be cool.  The example for dating on the rebound actually sounded like the second relationship started before the first one ended.  That’s even worse.  Even when the first relationship is over, it’s often better to wait, and that’s all the guideline really is: a general principle.

It struck me as a very liberal article.  I don’t mean liberal in terms of government or politics.  I mean a priority for individual choice that tends to trump one’s role in institutions and, in some situations, one’s moral courage.

At the bottom, it says the author is the self-proclaimed queen of rebound relationships.  I would never even admit to being that, let alone perform the duty of legitimizing my rebound royalty through self-proclamation.  Plus, I can think of lots of different ways a person might become rebound queen, but I can’t see how any of them would add credibility in this kind of article.