I am not a libertarian or a Tea Partier.  In general, the Tea Party makes me pretty uncomfortable.  But, I read the Tea Party Manifesto, and the referenced Contract From America, and I’m not sure I disagree with their platform.

I could get close to signing on with all these points.  I don’t prefer any particular size of government per se.  I care more about the cost and value of what we get.  But, I support constitutionally limited government, as opposed to unconstitutionally enlarged government.   I only oppose cap and trade because I prefer a carbon tax.  That’s probably not what they had in mind, but I do disagree with it.  I would probably support other federal health care plans, but I support “repealing and replacing” the recent Obama stuff.  That might be all they ask.  I wouldn’t be comfortable with a pledge never to raise taxes, but I imagine we could cut a lot and more than balance the budget.  Everything else is no problem.  So, maybe I would agree with the Tea Party.  If their main issue is deficits caused by bailouts, pork and crazy spending, then I agree with that.