The Republican Party talks a lot right now about deficits and fiscal responsibility.  They lump that in with a vision of small government, but the issues are not only separate, but somewhat opposing.  I know many Republicans argue that low taxes are the best stimulus for our ailing economy.  But, if Republicans are all about deficit reduction, they should be willing to compromise on the Bush tax cuts, the continuation of which uses money that could pay down the deficit or the debt.  We could probably keep taxes and the deficit reasonably low at the same time if we just scaled back the partisan approach.  The reason we got to this level of debt was that Democrats didn’t want to cut spending and Republicans didn’t want to raise taxes.  Our budget has been the primary casualty of a money war between two parties putting their partisan interests above the obvious national need for responsible budget practices.

Republicans should also commit to permanent debt-reduction steps.  The Republicans helped create balanced budgets under Clinton, but we went back to the old ways when our Party took back the White House.  We can’t just be against Obama’s deficits.  We should be against Republican deficits too.  I am not sure how many of us are.