Here is yesterday’s column from Paul Krugman.  It’s not bad.  I can almost never demonstrate or explain why Paul Krugman is wrong about anything.  But, he almost never convinces me of anything either.  He’s an extremely well-credentialed economist.  I have no reason to think he’s not a good guy, and I know he’s a decent writer.

But, he over-argues.  He tries to show why he’s right without showing why anybody else is wrong.  I never even know if he understands the opposing views, because he doesn’t engage and resolve them.  He’s always too certain and partisan.  I just can’t take his word for things, which has a sadly neutralizing effect on his expertise.  He talks about issues on the cutting edge of economics.  That’s not a completed area of science, and even Nobel Laureates are still learning how it all works.  Other times, Krugman’s talking about politics, which takes him outside his area of expertise.  When he talks about the best strategy for Democrats to win the 2010 midterms, he’s just another smart guy with an opinion.  He needs to argue it better if he wants to convince anybody who doesn’t already share his ideology.