There are a number of recent articles that comment negatively about the intent or effects of the Giving Pledge:  One guy flat-out criticizes it, one guy downplays the positive effects of it, one guy asks for more, and this last guy says people need jobs more than charity.

I understand somebody writing an article that politely suggests good uses of the money, the impact this will have on the economy or the World, even an article dispelling myths or keeping the good news in perspective.  But, these writers show a churlish lack of respect for the generosity of this group.  This is voluntary private charity on a scale that would have attracted religious followers a few thousand years ago.  This is the one of the most beautiful and advanced achievements of capitalism.  There simply isn’t anything wrong with these gifts.  We could say that we’d give the money somewhere else, or that there is never enough to cover every cause.  But, this is huge money directed by some of the smartest people in the World toward good causes.

The writers brought up irrelevant government wishlists and class-war complaints against the entire top tax-bracket (of which this group is a tiny part).  Those are fair topics, but there is something extremely insolent about smuggling those points into articles about the goodness of the Giving Pledge.