Ozzie Guillen recently stated his belief that Major League Baseball treats Latino players differently than Asian players, and that Asians tend to get better treatment.  I really don’t know how MLB treats different players, so I don’t know how right or wrong he is.

If Guillen is right, or if his views are at least warranted by what he sees, then I think this exactly the right way to talk about racial issues.  He mentioned a problem in an appropriate forum.  Most importantly, he mentions specific details of what’s going on, and why that’s wrong.  A well articulated statement of a problem is completely underrated in our society, again assuming the problem is real.

Today, there were a couple bad opinion pieces on ESPN (here and here) about how “Ozzie’s right but not totally right” or “it’s a complicated issue.”  I was unimpressed (if the mistreatment is legitimate, the simple answer is to stop it), and their weak arguments made me think Ozzie was right.  Most of Guillen’s facts and arguments were not disputed.  The writers just talked about how they’re trying to deal with the issue, and that there are a number of well-treated Latinos in baseball.  If they had a point to make, it would have benefitted them to make it clearly and with focus.  But, they didn’t.  So, I assume that Selig saw the comments and dispatched some friendly writers to turn it from a complaint to a two-sided controversy.  They knew Ozzie has a funny reputation, and people would probably see it as a “he said/she said.” Very cynical and self-interested for both MLB and ESPN.  What else is new?

But if this problem is real, then it might not go away.  Ozzie wasn’t out of control on this one, and I am sure a lot of players and managers will be able to comment.  We’ll see what happens.  MLB Is given a monopoly power by Congress.  They can’t have a job discrimination problem on a big scale.