This guy’s writing an article just to write an article.  It’s cheap fodder for knee-jerk fans.  Yankees manager Joe Girardi left some key guys out of the lineup to rest during Sunday’s game against the 2nd place Rays.  It’s the deciding game in a three game series between the two best teams in baseball, and the Yankees had their ace on the mound.  It’s stupid to assume Joe Girardi didn’t know all that, and just thought it wasn’t an important game.

Anytime a manager sits somebody, there’s always a chance it’s an injury or personal issue we don’t know about.  There are lots of reasons it might not be somebody’s day to play well.  That’s why it’s really hard to question roster/lineup decisions.  Even the clubhouse janitor could know way more than we know.   Maybe once one key guy had to sit, Girardi decided to give up on the game, and rest all the guys who needed it.  There would be a logic to that.

We know that Tex had played like 37 games straight.  He’s had a tough year too.  He needs a day at some point.  There’s a benefit to doing it on the last day of a weekend series.

A-Rod, who has been waiting for maybe nine games to get his 600th home run, has actually been playing well this last week in every other way except home runs.  Girardi praised his approach, including the other day when he went hitless.  But this weekend, A-Rod had a couple bad days in a row, and perhaps his performance is just about to start getting bad.  Sitting him might make a lot of sense if it freshens him up.  Maybe it makes sense as a way to speed up number 600, just to get that distraction out of the way.

Also, notice that the new guys got in the game.  It’s a good chance to mix them in early, and hopefully get a quick transition.  If one of those guys got a big hit, that could be a spark.

The biggest reason this is no big deal was mentioned in this article: the Yankees still have seven games against the Rays.  The season will probably come down to those games.  They already avoided a sweep for the weekend.  So, it arguably is a pretty meaningless game.